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Reed Diffusers $15.74

Dog lover and custom rattan reed diffusers

knotty or spice cupcake art


3a frosted evergreen forest, cozy cabin fireplace

5a foggy lake, fresh linen, sea salt cream, moss

8 sunny shore, citrus, clean laundry, crisp air

9 sun-kissed sangria, currants, cream, citrus tea

10 citrus, sea salt cream, sun-drenched wood

11 beachside champagne, citrus, sunlit petals

12 lighthouse, lime, lush florals, lunar-lit ocean

15 sea fog, eucalyptus, lavender, moss, linen

27 earl grey tea, blueberry citrus cake, cream

28 hibiscus, lavender, melon, beach house

29 beach cabin, spice, citrus, wood, milky moon

30 moonlit sea, lavender, citrus, sensual oakmoss

31 sunny citrus, boozy brunch, tropical bliss

32 pine, patchouli, pear, cedar, cranberry

lotus flower sketch
pinecone sketch

Eco-conscious Diffusers

Hand-poured, flame-free, toxin-free, & vegan-friendly.

Spice up a space for approximately 2-3 months.

A reed diffuser fills an area and not an entire room.

Please purchase a jar candle when you wish to fill a room.


8 Rattan Reeds | all-natural with maximum flow.

Use 6-8 reeds for maximum fragrance throw.

4 oz pre-filled recyclable & reusable AMBER glass.

Premium phthalate-free fragrance & essential oils.

VOC compliant base for safe indoor air quality.

Do NOT ingest!

Display out of reach of animals and children or any place where there is a risk of spilling.  Spilled liquid may damage surfaces.

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