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Piper Stone The Painting Bulldog

5 oz of highly fragrant, premium soy wax

Unique fragrance & essential oil blends

Toxin-free, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly

One-of-a-kind label illustrations

Bark pieces will be one color per fragrance

 (red, pink, maple, honey, natural, or green).

Keep warm wax away from animals & children.

Created lovingly and responsibly with cruelty-free, natural and sustainable materials safe for the planet, animals and you.

knotty or spice cupcake art



cabin & sultry

1 spiced cranberries, apple harvest, pinecones

2 iced pine, spiced whiskey, iced orchard, cedar

3 frosted evergreen forest, cozy cabin fireplace

4 cozy study, vintage books, wood shiplap, rum

5 foggy lake, fresh linen, sea salt cream, moss

6 sexy lumberjack, wood, spiced rum, flannel

7 apple cranberry pie over a cozy campfire


clean, crisp citrus or ocean

8 sunny seashore, citrus, clean laundry, crisp air

9 green meadow, blossoms, citrus tea, cream

10 cranberry champagne, citrus, coastal charm

11 rainbow sorbet mimosas, citrus, sunshine

12 lighthouse, lime, lush florals, lunar-lit ocean

13 sunny citrus, boozy brunch, tropical bliss

14 lemongrass, citrus, currant, sugared petals

15 sea fog, eucalyptus, lavender, moss, linen


farmhouse & cottage treats

16 black currant sangria, citrus, sugar, spice

17 blueberries ‘n cream cupcakes, frosting

18 pink sugar, pink apples, pink berry cupcakes

19 red stiletto heels, spiced wine cake, vanilla

20 spiced amaretto cream pie, buttery crust

21 salted caramel buttercream cake, nuts

22 earl grey tea, blueberry citrus cake, cream

23 gooey gingerbread cinnamon rolls, icing

24 coffee praline crunch cake, butter, spice

25 apple cider, lemon peel, pomegranate

knotty or spice pinecone art
knotty or spice lotus art
knotty or spice cupcake art

Melts have a strong 9 out of 10 fragrance load.

Use less bark pieces for a lighter fragrance.

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