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Boston Fartery™ diffuser


3 frosted evergreen forest, cozy cabin fireplace

4 cozy study, vintage books, wood shiplap, rum

6 foggy lake, fresh linen, sea salt cream, moss

9 sunny seashore, citrus, clean laundry, crisp air

10 zen energy, citrusy, creamy, bloomy, branchy

13 lighthouse, lime, lush florals, lunar-lit ocean

14 pineapple mimosas, nectar, citrus, coconut

15 lemongrass, citrus, currant, sugared petals

16 sea fog, eucalyptus, lavender, moss, linen

25 hibiscus, lavender, melon, beach house

Boston Fartery™ diffuser


    Glass jar candles have strong fragrance loads that usually fill large rooms.

    Ceramic Candles and Frosted candles have medium fragrance loads that usually fill small to medium rooms.

    If you have a sensitive nose, request a light or medium load by adding an order note.

    Candles, diffusers and canvases ship by Priority Mail.  Prints ship by USPS Ground Advantage.

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