Frenchie Fart Clouds™ SPRAY

Frenchie Fart Clouds™ Body + Room SPRAY

4 ounces of a fetching scent that will take your breath away!


Mist skin, linens + air to make life a gas.



. Apple Jacks + Froot Loops Cereals, Pancakes + Cartoons

. Bubbly Champagne, White Wine, Citrus Fusion, Pear, + Sunlit Brunch

. Cozy Cabin, Pine, Fir, Wine, Citrus, Chimney, + Santa Fart Clouds®

. Hot Spiced Wine, Apple Cider, Wreaths, + Mrs. Claus Fart Clouds®

. Merlot, Berry, Vanilla, Sugared Plum, Black Cherry Honey, + Spa Day

. Merlot, Shabby Chic Cottage, Velvety Plum, Fig, Honey, + Cherry Blossom

. Odor Eliminator, Soap Suds, Clean Laundry, Citrus, + Bamboo Leaves

. Strawberry Honey Butter, Muffins, Breakfast In Bed, + Romantic Comedy


Choose Between Body + Room Regular Strength or Room Only Double Strength Spray 


ingredients: distilled water, vegetable glycerine, witch hazel, aloe vera juice, fragrance oils, essential oils


Because of the natural ingredients, the scent remains on linens longer than skin.  

For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Frenchie Fart Clouds™ SPRAY