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Frenchie Cottage™


Frenchie Cottage™

  • White Ceramic Jar

    Ceramic jars have silver vintage-style lids with gasket seals, but are not threaded or securely screwed on.  Lift the candle by the jar and not the lid.


    Medium to strong fragrance load, depending on your nose



knotty or spice pinecone art
knotty or spice lotus art
knotty or spice cupcake art


cabin & sultry

1 spiced apple cranberry jam, pinecones

2 pine, spiced whiskey, crisp orchard, cedar

3 evergreen fresh forest, cozy campfire embers

4 lime, mint, white rum, cream, summer cabin

5 foggy lake, wood, sea salt cream, spice

6 sexy lumberjack, wood, spiced rum, flannel

7 luxe cabin, amber, citrus, flickering firewood


clean, crisp citrus or ocean

8 sunny shore, citrus, clean laundry, crisp air

9 sun-kissed sangria, currants, cream, citrus tea

10 citrus, sea salt cream, sun-drenched wood

11 beachside champagne, citrus, sunlit petals

12 lighthouse, lime, lush florals, lunar-lit ocean

13 champagne citrus sorbet, cottage charm

14 chilled watermelon pineapple lemonade

15 sea fog, eucalyptus, lavender, moss, linen

16 sugared melon, strawberry, sweet bergamot


farmhouse & cottage treats

17 apple cider jelly donuts, spiced frosting

18 pink sugar, pink apples, pink berry cupcakes

19 strawberry frosted donuts, extra sprinkles

20 lemon blueberry cupcakes, berry frosting

21 blueberries ‘n cream cupcakes, frosting

22 boozy banana bread cake, lemon frosting

23 fluffy frosting, vanilla, spice, fruity sprinkles

24 gooey gingerbread cinnamon rolls, icing

25 coffee praline crunch cake, butter, spice

Glass Jar Candles & Melts: Strong fragrance may fill large rooms.

Ceramic & Tin Candles: Medium fragrance may fill medium rooms.

Sensitive Noses: Request a light fragrance load in an order note.

USPS Ground Advantage & Priority Mail Shipping

Packed with recycled paper & water-soluble peanuts

One week estimated creation & shipping time

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