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Frenchie Sugar™ (ceramic)

Farmhouse White Ceramic Jar

Ceramic jars have vintage-style lids with gasket seals, but are not threaded or securely screwed on.  Lift the candle by the jar and not the lid.


Your ceramic candle includes a medium fragrance load that may fill a medium room, unless a strong or light load is requested.

Frenchie Sugar™ (ceramic)


    Glass jar candles with lids have a strong fragrance load that usually fills a large room.

    Ceramic Candles and Frosted candles have a medium fragrance load that usually fills a small to medium room.

    If you have a sensitive nose, request a light or medium load by adding an order note.

    Candles, diffusers and canvases ship by Priority Mail.  Prints, shirts and masks ship by First Class Mail.

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