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label of your choice

Flavored to your liking with your choice of fragrance and label.

Whipped up with three layers of love to resemble cupcakes with liners.


Cupcake size 20+ hours burn time

4 oz of fragrant wax infused with essential oils

5 oz reusable & recyclable blown glass

2.69” diameter & 2” tall + frosting


*Shades and patterns will vary per candle.



BERRY COLOR (berry frosting & lilac base)

4 peach raspberry cobbler, vanilla ice cream

12 cashmere cherry, vanilla, whiskey, oak


LATTE COLOR (cream frosting & latte base)

6 gooey maple caramel sticky buns, vanilla

7 pecan pie cupcakes, maple vanilla frosting

24 coffee praline crunch cake, butter, spice

25 vanilla latte cake, coffee buttercream


PINK COLOR (pink frosting & base)

2 fluffy apple pie donuts, cinnamon, sugar

3 mango, tangerine, peach, petal, sunlit cabin

5 pink sugar, strawberry, cream, pear, citrus


TEAL COLOR (seafoam frosting & teal base)

1 pineapple, passion fruit, citrus, coconut

15 caribbean cabin, spiced rum, pepper, oud

19 lighthouse, lime, lush florals, lunar-lit ocean



LOVE (brown Bulldog, white Bulldog, Pit Bull, Pug)

Farthouse (w/ Bulldog)

Farthouse (w/out Bulldog)

I love you with all of my farts

You're the icing on the cake (photo coming soon)

So whipped (photo coming soon)

Blank - no label

Most of the labels are viewable under candle tins (rectangular base labels only).

label of your choice


    Unless a lower fragrance load is requested with your order, candles will be highly fragrant with an 8-10 out of 10 load.

    If you have a sensitive nose, request a light or medium load by adding an order note.

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