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Custom label diffuser


1 pineapple, passion fruit, citrus, coconut

14 cotton, blackcurrant wine, lemon, wood

15 caribbean cabin, spiced rum, pepper, oud

18 sea fog, eucalyptus, lavender, moss, linen

19 lighthouse, lime, lush florals, lunar-lit ocean

28 vanilla whiskey, beach bonfire, succulents


For a custom label, email your photo to

• Headshots work best.

• Full body images will be cropped.

• Backgrounds will be removed.

• An artistic painting filter will be applied.

• You must have permission to use the submitted photo.

Custom label diffuser


    Unless a lower fragrance load is requested with your order, candles will be highly fragrant with an 8-10 out of 10 load.

    If you have a sensitive nose, request a light or medium load by adding an order note.

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